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Group Therapy at Fernville Surgery:

What is it?

Group Psychotherapy is an alternative treatment to individual counselling which treats people troubled by emotional difficulties, including depression, anxiety, loneliness and isolation, relationship problems and low self-esteem.

Practical Arrangements

The group meets each week on a Tuesday, late afternoon, for a one and a half hour session. It consists of up to eight members, both men and women, together with the group psychotherapist. There are pre-arranged holiday breaks throughout the year. Group members are expected to commit for a minimum of six months at first and can remain for as long as deemed necessary.


The cost is £40 per calendar month, all twelve monthly fees are payable in advance at the start of the month. The fee is calculated to cover 42 weeks in any calendar year and is reviewed from time to time.

How does it work?

Group sessions have no formal agenda and consist of a free floating discussion of thoughts and feelings. Members of the group are encouraged to talk about their concerns and respond to each other as honestly as possible. This sharing of concerns in a group benefits people in a number of ways. Initially by telling others our story, it helps us to recognise and clarify the difficulties we think we have. The group sessions are confidential and members are advised not to meet each other outside the group.

To Find Out More

Ask your doctor or surgery counsellor for more information.

You can ring Catherine Bray direct: 07990 944 254

There are leaflets in the waiting area giving further information.

Catherine Bray MBACP (accred) – Counsellor & Group Psychotherapist – working privately and in the NHS

Contact Telephone No: 07990 944 254