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Counselling at Fernville Surgery:

Your doctor has suggested that you talk with one of the counselling team, and you may be wondering what that means.

What is counselling / therapy?

It is a chance to meet with a trained person in a confidential setting in order to explore a difficulty that you are experiencing. You will be encouraged to talk about your feelings freely and openly in a way that is not always possible with friends or family, to a person who neither judges nor offers advice. This opportunity to discuss your problem can help reduce tension and make it easier for you to understand it.

It is important to bear in mind that exploring your problems may be painful or distressing, but hopefully talking about them will lead to greater clarity and resolution.

How long will it take?

After an initial assessment meeting you may be offered short term individual counselling where you meet weekly for 50 minutes over a period of up to 6 weeks with your counsellor. This will normally be at the same time and on the same day for the duration of the counselling.

Alternatively, you may be offered a place in a small group of up to eight members plus a therapist where you discuss issues together. Group therapy is the treatment of choice for many problems. Group sessions last 1½ hours, are held weekly, and members join for at least 6 months.

If neither of these options seems suitable, referral to other agencies outside the surgery can be arranged.

Will I have to pay for it?

There is no cost for individual counselling as this is part of the service available at Fernville. The Group sessions cost £40.00 per month.

Cancellations and Missed Sessions

If you feel that you do not need your appointment or cannot make the arranged time, please cancel with at least 48 hours notice. This allows us to offer your space to another person.

Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice cannot be ‘made up’ at the end of the contract, so it is important to discuss with your counsellor any problems you have in keeping appointments.

If you miss a session without contacting the surgery to cancel, it will not be possible to continue with the counselling work. You will need to discuss your counselling requirements with your usual doctor.

Thank you

Catherine Bray – Counsellor / Group Psychotherapist

Christine Hollick – Counsellor

Contact Telephone No: 01442 213919