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Are you fit for work?

You do not need to see a doctor to be certified fit for work; and this is not a service provided at Fernville.

Useful information is available from NHS Choices regarding your return to work after a period of illness.  Some of the key points from this guidance are reproduced below.

Can I go back to work before the end date on my fit note?


You do not always have to be 100% "fit" to be able to do some work – in fact, work can help your recovery from health problems or support your overall wellbeing if you have a long-term health condition.

You should go back to work as soon as you feel able to and, with your employer's agreement. This may be before your fit note runs out.

For example, you may want to go back to work sooner if:

Your employer's agreement

If you want to go back to work before the end date on your fit note you should discuss your return to work with your employer.

In some cases, your employer may not be able to agree to your early return. If this happens you should stay off work until the end date of your fit note.

For example this might happen if your employer is unable to make the required workplace adjustments. They will need to carry out a suitable risk assessment.

Your GP's advice

You should not go back to work before the end date on your fit note if your doctor has advised that you should stay off work for the full period covered by the fit note, and wants to see you again.

Do I need a note saying I'm fit for work?


You do not need to see your doctor again to be signed fit to go back to work.

The fit note does not have an option to say that you're fit for work. If your doctor wants to assess your fitness for work again, they will say this on your fit note.

Some employers have their own policy that requires employees to obtain medical evidence that they are fit for work. If this is the case, your employer should help you arrange this privately with a GP or occupational health specialist.

A doctor cannot issue a fit note for this purpose.