Please note our nurses cannot see patients under 8 weeks old Lesley Stone Claire Lenane Joy Laude Sally Chak raverty Kirsty Hawes Julie Sweeting Surgery Pod
Abdominal pain            
Asthma checks / COPD checks         Patients under 15 years old should see CL
B12 injections    
Back pain or difficulty mobilising            
Blood pressure monitoring  
Blood tests    
Chest problems            
Childrens' vaccinations        
Cold and flu symptoms            
COPD           See CL if reversibility test needed
D&V, constipation            
Depo provera (contraceptive injections)       See GP or Nurse Practitioner for first injection
New diabetic patients 1st, 2nd, 3rd visits         Double appointment
Dietary advice - weight loss, cholesterol        
Dopplers         1 hour appointment
Dressings (simple)     Single appointment
Dressings (complicated leg ulcers)       Double appointment
Drug monitoring - gold, methotrexate    
Ear problems            
Ear syringing         One appointment per ear to be treated
ECGs     Double appointment
Exacerbation of asthma            
Eye problems            
Gynaecology, vaginal discharge, abnormal menstrual bleeding, missed pill            
Head injuries            
Head Lice             or see your pharmacist
HRT - uncomplicated / Repeats            
Leg / neck pain            
Long Term Conditions Clinic     Double appointment
Learning disability reviews     Double appointment
NHS Health Checks     Double appointment
Nose problems            
Oral contraception - uncomplicated     
Oral contraception - emergencies             
Period Problems            
Pneumonia & Flu Vaccinations     See CL, JL or SC if under 18 or pregnant
Pre school booster injections         Double appointment
Reversibility test             Double appointment
Sexual Health Services      
Sinus problems            
Skin problems            
Smoking cessation (first appointment)           Double appointment
Smoking cessation (follow-up)             Single appointment
Spirometry           Double appointment - single for review
Sutures (removal)    
Swab taking        
STD checks (swab & urine check)      
Travel immunisation / advice         Double appointment
Urinary tract infections,              We may need a urine sample
Urine tests    
Worms             or see your pharmacist
Zoladex implants