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Nurse Practitioner / Nurse Independent Prescriber:

Lesley Stone RGN

Nurse Practitioners have been employed in general practice for more than 10 years,  yet there still remains some confusion as to who they are, what they can do and which illnesses they can and can't treat.

Nurse Practitioners are very experienced nurses who have undergone extensive extra training to enable them to treat common health problems. Their role is to see some of the same-day urgent cases, which means we can see patients more quickly.

Our Nurse Practitioner, Lesley Stone, is qualified as a Nurse Independent Prescriber.  Following an intensive course of study, she is qualified to prescribe from a menu of drugs used to treat common conditions. She is fully supported by the GPs in the practice and can always ask them for help and advice.

The following complaints can be dealt with by the Nurse Practitioner:

However, it is best to go back to your GP if you have already seen them with an ongoing problem.

Please also note that the Nurse Practitioner does not see babies under six months old.

For more information about the services provided by our nursing team please click here.