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6 October 2017

We are delighted to welcome Dr Sonal Mapara who is joining the Fernville team later this month. Dr Mapara replaces Dr Varma, who left the practice earlier this year. So we now have two Dr Maparas at Fernville, which could be a little confusing. Dr Raj Mapara is our senior partner who has been with the practice for many years.  If you tell us you want to see Dr Sonal Mapara, or Dr Raj Mapara we will know exactly what you mean!

20 July 2016

This month we have made some important changes to our customer care team.

Marie Lahiffe has left the practice to resume her clinical career; and Mandy Curtis has been appointed as our new Patient Services Manager.  Mandy's primary role is to ensure we deliver an excellent overall service to patients, which includes the management of patient complaints.

Chrissie Totman has been appointed to the role of Reception Manager.  Working closely with Mandy, Chrissie is responsible for the work of the Reception Team.  Chrissie is supported by two very capable deputies, our senior Receptionists Lorna Phillips and Jackie Morrice.

Mandy and Chrissie both report directly to our Managing Partner, Mark Jones.

Mandy, Chrissie, Lorna, Jackie and Mark form our customer care team, dedicated to ensuring that patients receive great service from the practice, as well as excellent clinical care.

You may also have noticed some changes to our GP team.  Dr Whiteford and Dr Barton have left the practice after taking maternity leave.  Dr Smith and Dr Rasul have concluded their temporary appointments with the practice as maternity cover.  We are delighted that our recent recruits Dr Varma and Dr Power have accepted permanent posts at Fernville; and we are recruiting 2 more doctors to start with us before the end of September.

GP training remains an important part of our work at Fernville.  Dr Gordon and Dr Rauf will be returning to the practice in August as GP registrars to complete their GP training.  We continue to host Foundation Year doctors on 4 month placements at the practice, as well as medical students from Cambridge University.

22 January 2016

New Year? New newsletter! Fernville Focus - January 2016 .

8 September 2015

This week we welcome Marie Lahiffe to Fernville as our new Patient Services Manager. Marie's objectives are to ensure the Practice provides a high standard of customer care, to ensure services are provided equitably to all patients, and to help patients make best use of our services. When a patient needs to speak to a manager at Fernville, Marie is the person who will respond.

16 July 2015

It's official - we are a Good Practice!

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspected are premises on Wednesday 29 April 2015, and we are very proud to say that they rated us ‘Good’ in all areas. The CQC is an independent organisation who checks that our services, and standards of quality and safety meet government expectations. It has a wide range of enforcement powers to take action if services are unacceptably poor. All GP surgeries in England are now inspected and rated by the Commission and this is the first time that primary care services have been independently regulated. Surgeries can be rated as outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate.

The CQC asks the same five questions of all the services they inspect:

The whole Practice Team worked very hard for several months before the inspection. Four inspectors spent a whole day at Fernville talking to staff and patients and looking at our premises.  We would like to thank all patients who spoke to the inspectors or completed a questionnaire.

We are one of the first surgeries in Hemel Hempstead to be inspected, and we are extremely proud to be rated ’Good’ in all areas.

The inspection report can be accessed through the link on our home page.

1 July 2015

We are delighted to announce that Dr Meeta Duggal became a Partner at Fernville on 1 July 2015. The Partnership Team of Keith Hodge, Raj Mapara, Ann Shipley-Rowe, Adrian Richardson, Mark Jones and now Meeta Duggal is responsible for the service we deliver to patients - it is the Partners who hold the contract with NHS England. Maintaining a strong and effective team of Partners is essential to secure the long-term future of the Practice. Dr Duggal adds considerable experience and expertise to the team and we are very fortunate to have her working with us as we develop the Practice for the future.

1 June 2015

We welcome Dr Subia Rasul to the Fernville Team. Dr Rasul will be helping to cover a period of maternity leave within the GP team. She is an experienced doctor, who has been working in Hemel Hempstead for some years. We are delighted she has chosen to join the Practice.

2 February 2015

NHS services are under great pressure all across the country. We strive to provide a good and efficient service for all our patients. To support this we have updated our Practice Charter to explain the standard of service our patients can expect from Fernville, and what we expect from them in return.

17 December 2014

Oh, no! Not another newsletter! Fernville Focus - Winter 2014 .

4 November 2014

On 12 November, we will launch a fantastic new service which will allow us to send your prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of your choice.  This should be much more convenient and secure.  To take advantage of this service please follow the link in the panel on the left to "Prescriptions".

22 October 2014

Following closely after our recent appointment of Dr Gupta, we are now delighted to welcome Dr Fionnuala Barton to Fernville. Dr Barton provides some much-needed additional capacity to help us reduce the wait for routine appointments. We hope Dr Barton will be very happy at Fernville.

7 September 2014

We are delighted to welcome Dr Pooja Gupta to Fernville.  Dr Gupta provides some much-needed additional appointments following Dr Bhamra's retirement.  We hope Dr Gupta will be very happy at Fernville.

20 August 2014

Hot off the press! The latest edition of our much sought-after ..... newsletter!!! Fernville Focus - Autumn 2014 .

16 May 2014

Our Senior Partner, Dr Bhamra will retire at the end of June. Dr Bhamra has been a member of the practice for 37 years, and he will be missed by staff and patients alike.

Dr West and Dr Duggal are two excellent young doctors who have been working in the practice for some time. They will be taking over Dr Bhamra's patient list and will work together to provide continuity of care across the working week.

At the same time, we are recruiting a new doctor to ensure we continue to provide the same number of GP appointments after Dr Bhamra retires.

7 April 2014

Today we welcome a new member of our nursing team. Jo Cattini joins as a Health Care Assistant working alongside Veronica Moore. Jo may be a familiar face, as she has done some locum work for us in the past. We are delighted to have secured her services on a permanent basis; as we know she will be a real asset to the team.

7 April 2014

It's here !!! A brand-new version of our best-selling newsletter Fernville Focus - Spring 2014 .

4 March 2014

We are delighted to welcome Dr Anna Whiteford back to the Practice at the end of her maternity leave. Dr Whiteford will work in a team with Dr Asquith to provide care for their named patients throughout the working week.

In a similar arrangement, Dr West and Dr Duggal will be working together to provide continuous care for their named patients.

9 December 2013

There have been some changes in our nursing team recently. We are sorry to lose Katie Stanyon and Sara Bowles, who have left to pursue opportunities outside the Practice. We welcome Lesley Stone, who joined as our Nursing Team Manager in June, and Joy Laude, who begins work as a Practice Nurse at Fernville in January.

Meanwhile, please follow the link to view the latest issue of our popular newsletter Fernville Focus - Winter 2013 .

9 August 2013

Please follow the link to view the latest issue of our popular newsletter Fernville Focus - Summer 2013 .

15 March 2013

Please follow the link to view the latest issue of our popular newsletter Fernville Focus - Spring 2013 .

28 January 2013

Coming Soon - New Consulting Rooms

In March 2013, we will begin an exciting project to build two new consulting rooms on the first floor of the Surgery. These rooms will be built and equipped to the very latest standard. When the rooms are complete, we will be able to recruit extra clinical staff to improve our service for Patients.

We are aware that some patients have difficulty managing stairs, and we will be planning our surgeries to ensure that there is always the option to be seen on the ground floor.

29 November 2012

Please follow the link to see how you can help our doctors and nurses by preparing for your appointment.

Please follow the link to view the latest issue of our popular newsletter Fernville Focus - Autumn 2012.

20 September 2012

What can you buy for £100?

Last year, the NHS gave us just £98.33 for each patient on our list. This has to pay for all the necessary appointments with our doctors and nurses, and all the associated administrative work, as well as the cost of operating and maintaining the surgery.

This is a significant sum of money, but it doesn't buy a great deal on the High Street these days.

We do everything we can to provide a good and efficient service. But this is very much an effort to make a little money go a long way. We appreciate everything our patients do to help us, by using our services properly, and helping us to avoid waste.

8 August 2012

This month sees a number of changes to our GP team.

Dr Rebecca Asquith begins her maternity leave and has all our good wishes at this very happy time.  To cover this, and to increase the number of appointments we are able to offer, I'm delighted that both Dr Sanjay Pawar and Dr Matthew West will remain at Fernville following the completion of their training this month.

At the same time, we have three new GP Registrars joining the team - Dr Hannah Bowles for one year, Dr Aisha Rauf for 4 months and Dr Meeta Duggal for 6 months.

19 June 2012

Please follow the link to view the latest issue of our popular newsletter Fernville Focus - Summer 2012 .

12 June 2012

Tuesday 12th June 2012 was a very exciting day for Fernville! We have upgraded our computer system – we had been using our previous system since the mid 1990s!

Once we have become familiar with the new system, it will be easier and quicker for us to find an appointment for you, it will be easier for your doctor to review your medical record, and we will be able to find the information you need more quickly.

We have done our best to prepare; but please forgive us if the doctor or nurse is running late, or if they take a little more time than usual looking at the computer screen.

21 November 2011

Please follow the link to view the latest issue of our popular newsletter Fernville Focus - Autumn 2011 .

3 August 2011

We welcome Dr Rebecca Asquith to the Practice.  Dr Asquith begins work with us on 8 August. We also have two GP Registrars joining us during August, Dr Sanjay Pawar and Dr Matthew West. GP Registrars are fully-qualified and experienced doctors, completing a final year of training in General Practice under the guidance of our GP Trainers, Dr Richardson and Dr Mapara. These new additions to our team will help us continue to provide the number of appointments needed to serve our growing patient list.

6 July 2011

We welcome Dr Anna Whiteford to Fernville. Dr Whiteford started work with us on 5 July.

3 February 2011

Dr Adli will be leaving the practice at the end of April to have a baby and to pursue an exciting opportunity abroad with her family. We will be very sorry to lose her from Fernville but are delighted for her and wish her every success for the future. We will of course recruit another doctor to replace Dr Adli within the next few weeks.

3 December 2010

We are delighted to announce that Dr Geetha Segarajasingam has accepted a position as a permanent member of the Fernville team.  Dr Segarajasingam has worked with us as a locum doctor since September and has been very popular with both patients and staff.  This appointment will help us maintain our good reputation for access to appointments, including those in our evening and weekend surgeries.

2 November 2010

Did you know you can contact us to make or cancel an appointment at any time of day or night?
You can follow the link to our on-line services, or use our new automated telephone booking system. Just dial 213919 as usual and follow the prompts. If you have difficulty in using this service please let us know, so we can make any necessary adjustments. We hope this new service will make it much easier for patients to contact the surgery.  But you are still welcome to speak to a receptionist during surgery opening hours, if this is what you prefer.

27 October 2010

Please follow the link to view the latest issue of our popular newsletter Fernville Focus - Autumn 2010 .

9 September 2010

We are delighted to welcome Dr Geetha Segarajasingam to Fernville.  She will be working with us as a locum GP until the end of this year.  During this time we will recruit a doctor to a permanent post, effective from the beginning of January.  Having engaged Dr Segarajasingam, we can now provide 150 extra GP appointments per week, which will help us maintain our standard of service to our rapidly-growing patient list.

19 June 2010

We are delighted to welcome Katie Stanyon as a new member of our Practice Nursing Team. Katie is an experienced Community Nurse who will help us provide the increasing number of appointments we need to serve our growing patient list.  We hope Katie will have a long and rewarding career at Fernville.

27 May 2010

We very much enjoyed our Patient Appreciation Day on 21 May. We held this event to thank our patients for their support. A growing list helps a thriving Practice provide high standards of care and service. Unfortunately we cannot provide coffee, cakes and balloons in the Surgery every day, but we do always appreciate your choice to register as a patient at Fernville. The linked news item is reproduced by kind permission of The Gazette.

8 February 2010

We are delighted to welcome two new members of our reception team, Aimee and Jane, who joined Fernville on 8 February. At the same time, we will be very sorry to say 'goodbye' to Hazel, who retires this month after 17 years with us. In a busy Practice, it is always a challenge to cope with the unpredictable and fluctuating load on Reception, both on the phones and at the desk; but an additional member of staff will help us maintain and improve our level of service.

4 January 2010

Fernville is a growing Practice and we are now very proud to serve over fourteen thousand local patients. A growing list means we can recruit more doctors, nurses and support staff, and maintain the Surgery to a high standard, in order to provide the best possible service for our patients.

3 November 2009

We have two doctors joining the Practice during the next few weeks. Dr Michal Greenberg is a GP Registrar who will be at Fernville for 18 months, training under the supervision of Dr Richardson. Dr Sanjay Pawar is a trainee GP who will join us in early December on a 4 month assignment.

Trainees always bring new knowledge and expertise into the Practice. They make a lively contribution to our educational meetings, and they help us provide up-to-date medical care.

1 September 2009

You may have noticed some new faces in our Reception Team. Two of our experienced receptionists retired during the summer, and we have been working hard to recruit and train their replacements.

In fact we have recruited three new receptionists.

We want to provide a very high level of customer service, and we now have a team of 9 staff to take your calls and to assist you at the front desk.

We are open for nearly 60 hours each week, which our receptionists cover on a rota. We also have to cover annual leave and occasional sickness, but we aim to have at least three receptionists on duty at all times except late evenings and weekends.

So we hope you will experience a prompt and polite service from our reception staff.

3 August 2009

We are delighted to announce that Dr Zoofsha Adli will join the Fernville team on a permanent basis from 1 October. Dr Adli completed her training as a GP Registrar at Fernville last year. Subsequently she has been working with us as a part-time locum GP. Dr Adli's energy and enthusiasm will be an asset to the Practice as we continue to grow and develop our service for patients.

Patients registered with Dr Wright will know that (also from 1 October) she will be taking on an exciting new role as a Specialist Doctor, seeing patients regarding family planning, gynaecology and sexual health.

Dr Wright's patients may transfer their registration to a GP Partner of their choice (please contact Reception), or join Dr Adli's list. Dr Adli's recruitment will ensure we can continue to provide a plentiful supply of appointments, including evening and weekend appointments, to meet our patients' needs.

1 July 2009

Our extended opening hours have been highly successful and very popular with patients. Responding to this, from 1 July we will offer an 8 to 8 service on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as our Saturday morning surgery.

At the same time, we have extended our practice area and we now cover the whole of Hemel Hempstead, making Fernville available as a choice for all residents of the town.