Hertfordshire Personal Safety Survey

Following the death of Sarah Everard earlier this year, the County Community Safety Unit (CCSU) are currently producing a needs assessment on Violence Against Women and Girls. As part of this piece of work, we are undertaking a public survey of Hertfordshire residents to understand their experiences and feelings of personal safety, which will help to inform recommendations for the need’s assessment.

The survey is now open and will remain open until Friday 9th July and can be accessed using the web link below.

We would appreciate your help in promoting this survey through any avenues you have access to (e.g. social media, service user groups) to ensure that we get a diverse range of responses from residents.

Please note the survey is open to males and females of all ages to enable us to compare experiences and feelings of safety between males and females, therefore we ask that the survey is any advertising refers to the survey as the ‘Hertfordshire Personal Safety Survey’ to ensure that males are equally encouraged to take part in the survey.

Of course, also feel free to complete the survey yourself if you live or work in Hertfordshire.

If you have any questions or have any thoughts on promoting the survey, please let us know.

For Further Information

Please email Vicki.hamilton@hertfordshire.gov.uk.